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12 Days of Christmas Treasure Hunt

Can you find the hidden festive treasure?

The naughty elves have hidden some of Santa's ornaments across Cambuslang and Rutherglen! Can you find them and figure out the mystery Christmas-related word?


The first letters of each item spell out a very festive NINE letter word. If you can tell us what the word is, you win a winter goodie bag! If you can tell us what each ornament is, you get an extra gift!


Text your answers to 07846 751145 with your name and postcode or drop in to CamGlen Biketown to claim your prize.

To get you started, we thought we'd give you a of the letters is an O! GOOD LUCK!

What's Happened?
Naughty Elf.png

A festive ornament has been hidden at each of the EIGHT locations below. There is a clue for each location to help you find where the ornament is...can you solve the riddles?

  • Cambuslang Park, G72 8PZ (co-ordinates: 55.81149, -4.16179): This place is perfect for a panto scene, you'll find the treasure hidden in the evergreen...

  • Clydesmill Growing Together at Clydesmill Community Fire Station, G72 1AA (co-ordinates: 55.8248, -4.15765): Plant a seed of Christmas cheer, you can see a fire from here!

  • Cuningar Loop, G73 1PW (co-ordinates: 55.83951, -4.20099): The elves have been cunning but they dropped their snacks! Can you follow in their tracks?

  • Douglas Park, Douglas Drive/Stewarton Drive G72 8DF (co-ordinates: 55.81426, -4.17118): Come along for some banter and see what's new in the planter...

  • Fernbrae Meadows, G73 4AE (co-ordinates: 55.80463, -4.20343): On their festive wander through the meadow, the elves sang 'let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

  • Halfway Park, G72 7QU (co-ordinates: 55.81253, -4.14111): To find the hidden treasure, visit the place where food is grown for leisure!

  • Holmhills Wood Community Park, G72 8EL (co-ordinates:55.81148, -4.17561): Come rest your weary feet, we have got the perfect seat...look around and you may find a hidden elf treat!

  • Overtoun Park , Rodger Drive G73 3QE (co-ordinates: 55.82246, -4.21475): Look for the birch tree, lovingly maintained by Grow 73!


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