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Get Your Business Involved 

keeping it local makes me #healthynhappy 

Why Choose Healthy n Happy?

We are an award winning charity, governed by the local people of Cambuslang and Rutherglen and all of our work is directed by local priorities.  Our key purpose is to tackle disadvantage and improve lives and communities so they are thriving, resilient and healthy. 


By getting your business involved with us you are:

  •  contributing to the local community and economy that your employees work and live in

  • volunteering or raising money and know your time and effort will go towards supporting those most deserving in our local areas

  • aligning your brand with the local community that it serves and with a trusted local charity

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What can you do?

Lloyds TSB

We have been Lloyds TSB's chosen charity for the last two years.  They have held several fundraisers including this tasty bake sale!

Our Healthy n Happy Business Supporters

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