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Make Us Your Chosen Charity

working with charities makes us #healthynhappy

This is a charity that your company chooses to work with across a set period of time (for example 12 months) in order to raise money for a cause that aligns with your organisational values and purpose.

What is a Chosen Charity or Charity of the Year?


There could be various reasons why your company may want to partner with a charity:

  • Contributing to the local community that you work/live in.

  • Helping raise money for a cause close to the hearts of your employees.

  • Providing employees with the opportunity to volunteer or get involved with a charity.


Some organisations have a process where employees can nominate their suggestions for Charity of the Year. Other organisations might be chosen by the Corporate Social Responsibility Team or the HR/Finance team. If you aren’t sure how this happens perhaps you could check with these teams to find out. 

There are many forms that Charity of the Year partnerships can take and these are aimed at ensuring that both the company and we as a charity, benefit from the relationship.

If you are looking to partner your company with a highly regarded and inspiring local charity, then look no further!


We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how Healthy n Happy could work with you and show you first hand how your support could help across our most deprived communities.  


We can help you with any activities or events you might have planned as part of your chosen charity relationship.  Whether it's providing materials or helping with ideas we're on hand to ensure you can make the most out of your fundraising and volunteering. 

Get in touch either by phone 0141 646 0123 or email

Choose us!

Examples of activities you could do include:

  • Hosting a collection box

  • Donating gifts in kind

  • Sponsoring an event

  • Employee volunteering and participation at our events

  • Holding a fundraising event

  • Making a financial donation

Your organisation could do one or multiple of these activities during the year.

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