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upcycling makes my home and garden #healthynhappy

Upcycle Your Home & Garden

If you want to learn to upcycle and design items for your home and garden, our programme of fun and informal workshops and courses is for you. 


Take ordinary materials, second-hand furniture and items and transform them into unique items perfect for your home.


Courses so far have included:

  • Fab Pad: Dress your furniture

  • Ink on Fabric!

  • Banners and quilts

  • Tile mosaics and unique plant pots

  • Upcycle photo frames

  • Tie Dye T-Shirts

And much more...


Our scheduled courses are for all adults. 


You can also request an input through our tailored programmes if you have a group who can benefit.


Our Handy Folk Task Force includes upcycling in our garden projects. We often build in upcycling sessions to our youth and family activities. 

Upcycle Your Home

“These activities encouraged me to consider looking at things in a different light.”

The programmes run regularly throughout the year.  To register for the latest programme, or for further information, contact the Transforming Lives team on: 

Phone: 0141 641 5236


For updates to our programme, please visit our events page here.


The workshops take place across Rutherglen and Cambuslang and online.

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