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improving my balance with moving meditation makes me #healthynhappy

Qi Gong (pronounced Chee Kung), is an ancient Chinese practice that improves posture, balance, breathing and helps with relaxation. It is a gentle exercise that can be done sitting or standing, so is helpful for most people. 


The programme includes workshops, short programmes and ongoing classes throughout the year. 

The sessions include learning about healthy lifestyle topics to help you build confidence and regain control over your health and wellbeing. It's also a useful way to meet new friends and enjoy a new hobby!


Qi Gong is great for most adults who are looking to improve their wellbeing and balance whilst learning a powerful new way to relax. 


If you are a beginner or don’t feel very confident yet about joining a longer course, the workshops and short programmes are ideal for you.

Qi Gong at Number 18

We are not currently running Qi Gong classes. However, when we do, information will be available on our events page here.


The course usually takes place at our community venue, Number 18, Farmeloan Road, Rutherglen or other local community venues.

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