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Quiz Corner

 Calling all CamGlen quizzers! 

Get your quizzing hat on, have some fun and test your knowledge of Scottish slang!  

All you have to do is tell us the meaning of the following words:-

1.  Hoaching

2.  Blate


3.  Dreich


4.  Stour

5.  Carnaptious

6.  Muckle

7.  Fousty

8.  Reekin

9.  Scratcher

10. Dingie/dingy

Know yer Scottish slang?

Email your answers to:

Clearly number your answers, in line with the words above.

Closing date for entries - Sun 20 Feb 2022.

Winners will be notified by email.

Guid luck folks!

Where do I send my answers?

Well it wouldn't be a proper quiz if there wasn't a prize! All correct answers will be entered in to our prize draw, with the chance to WIN a £25 voucher to spend at a local CamGlen business.

Is there a prize?
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