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 Virtual KiltWalk 2021

become a #healthynhappy hero - WE NEED YOU!

Thousands of fundraising events across the UK have been cancelled due to Covid-19 with a devastating impact on charity income.  That's why we are asking you to choose Healthy n Happy to support for the Virtual Kiltwalk 23- 25 April 2021.  Thanks to The Hunter Foundation, any funds you raise for us will be topped up by 50% - so for every £1 you raise we get an extra 50p.  Anything you can raise will be a massive help to us in order that we can continue to support our local communities across Rutherglen and Cambuslang.  Please be a Healthy n Happy Hero.  Not all Heroes wear capes, some wear capes and tartan!

Why choose us?

This last year, across our communities, has been particularly hard on those who were already finding life quite tough.   At Healthy n Happy, we think everyone should have a happy and fulfilling life, no matter where you live. Throughout Covid-19 we have been open for business and never stopped working towards our goal of making Cambuslang and Rutherglen the Healthiest and Happiest places to live in Scotland.  We have just been working slightly differently to how we normally do.  We continue to improve the lives of thousands of local people every year by providing purposeful, engaging and enjoyable opportunities that help them.  We're here to support those most in need.  With your help we support people dealing with a range of issues including mental and other health challenges, poverty, loneliness, social isolation to name a few. 

"I suffer from issues with anxiety normally & with the post natal experience during lockdown and being isolated, it's been really important for me to speak to others. This group is made up of people going through the same thing and it's really helping me manage everything that's going on just now"

"During this pandemic I’ve had good days and bad days and CamGlen Radio has been a godsend".


“It’s just great knowing that an organisation like Healthy n Happy is there to support you” 

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Dust off your tartan, choose your own activity and fundraise for Healthy n Happy!  

Walk it, cycle it, boogie it, run it but most of all.…fun it!  Or how about skip, knit, play golf, jump on a trampoline, have a virtual bake off, organise a family scavenger hunt….. the possibilities are endless and the choice is yours!   Just please choose Healthy n Happy when it asks you to identify what charity you want to fundraise for. 

We'll set you up with your very own Healthy n Happy Heroes t-shirt, a water bottle and tartan neck wrap. We’ll also pay your registration fee. Entry is £12.80 for adults and £6.50 for children aged 15 and below. Under 5’s can take part free of charge.  Once you have registered just send your confirmation to with your details and we'll get that amount paid into your bank account and send you your pack.  ​

What can I do?
A photo of the HnH Masked Hero

Over the weekend of Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th April, Healthy n Happy are asking as many local people as possible to get involved in fundraising for our local community. 


The only requirement is that any activity must follow current Government guidelines.   This Spring, join thousands of other heroes across the country when you take on your own Virtual Kiltwalk.  The fundraising deadline is Monday 3 May 2021.

Please whatever you get up to do share your photos or videos with us/ tag us in so we can see what you are all doing on our communities behalf!  THANK YOU!

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AGM 2019
Healthy n Happy Kiltwalk Walkers 2019
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