5 Ways to Wellbeing

the five ways to wellbeing make you #healthynhappy

Building Five Ways to Wellbeing activities into your life is a great way to look after yourself, manage stress and do more of the things you enjoy!


Making small changes and doing more to:


  • Connect

  • Be Active

  • Take Notice

  • Keep Learning

  • Give


will help you feel both healthier and happier! If you'd like to access our free workbook, contact the Transforming Lives team. ​

Find out how the Transforming Lives team use the 5 Ways to stay healthy and happy.


You can also order one our Keep Well Kits, aimed at helping people manage stress!


Anyone who is keen to enhance their wellbeing and discover practical ways to focus on self-care.

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We deliver Keep Well Kits all year round! To find out more, or order your own Keep Well Kit, email transforminglives@healthynhappy.org.uk

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