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Stress Management Service

"Stress relief helps you feel better for a short time, but stress management helps you takes back control over your life"

What is it?

The Stress Management Service is for local people in Cambuslang and Rutherglen who feel that stress is an issue for them. This might be because of work, bereavement, family issues, or other issues that are making you feel stressed.  Stress management can also help you reach a goal like quitting smoking or drinking, or returning to work after absence, or talking to your family about difficult issues.

How can I get involved?

Make an appointment and come to one of our “Open Doors” sessions. At your appointment you can talk one-to-one with a stress management worker, who will help your choose from a wide range of options to create your own personal action plan.

Your choices might include self help tips that you can do at home, coming along to Choices workshops or one of our groups, appropriate referral to other services, volunteering or learning more about your stress and how to manage it with a Changes course. Courses and groups take place at various times and days, including the weekends.  All our activities are designed to help you to stay positive, confident and in control!

All we ask is that you are committed to the possibility of change and are willing to try to make these changes, with our support, for lasting improvement in your life. Your stress management worker will keep in touch with you and support you to achieve your goals. We will also send you occasional health and wellbeing information and helpful tips. Remember stress relief helps you feel better for a short time, but stress management helps you build your confidence, gain a realistic positive outlook, and take back control over your life.  

Open Doors

If you would like more information about the range of services available, or if you want to talk to a stress management worker, call our Open Doors service.  There is no waiting list and information can be provided during the call when you first phone us.  If an appointment is required, a stress management worker will call you back within a day or two to arrange a day and time that suits you.  Your appointment can usually be made within a few days depending on your availability. Call Lesley on 0141 641 5236.

Changes Course

This informal and interactive course has a focus on personal development and life skills.  We have been running this course for many years and it is very popular. It takes place in a small group with people who are experiencing stress just like you are.  Topics include confidence and self esteem, assertiveness, social networks, stability zones, realistic thinking, organisational skills, mood foods and the role of physical activity.  We run it on at different times and days, including evenings and weekends, so there will be a course coming up that will suit your availability.

Choices Workshops

Our ongoing Choices workshop programme runs in different venues and on different days.  It includes some of the same topics from the Changes course so you can try out a workshop before you commit to a course if you prefer.  The Choices programme also includes other sessions including parenting skills.  We having included these sessions due to feedback from the community.  You can opt for one or more of the workshops according to your interests.


If you are part of a group or organisation and would like us to provide an input or workshop for your members or service users call or email Lesley

For further info about the Stress Management Service and Open Doors, contact Lesley on 0141 641 5236 or

Stay positive, confident and in control.