Handy Folk Task Force

getting outside and working in my community makes me #healthynhappy

Handy Folk Task Force is an amazing group of volunteers who use traditional crafts and skills to support a range of community projects in Cambuslang and Rutherglen.


Their work often includes community garden projects where they build wooden raised beds and upcycle and decorate flower planters.  The team aims to involve participants of all ages where there are opportunities to learn about the environment at the same time.


Adults from Cambuslang and Rutherglen who have a range of skills that can be put to excellent use in community projects. 


Many people come to the Task Force with a lifetime of DIY skills.  Some of our volunteers have learned upcycling and gardening skills in one or more of our Handy Folk programme courses (traditional crafts, environment and bushcraft etc).

Overall, people get involved who are enthusiastic and passionate about improving their local community!


The Task Force usually work on Mondays with some occasional project work on other days as required. 

Handy Folk Task Force helping local nurserie and schools build their outdoor learning spaces

Community projects have included Westburn Nursery, Clydeford Sheltered Accommodation, Grow 73 and Burnhill Community Garden Project.

If you have some greenspace or garden-based tasks you think we can help with, give us a call and we can discuss what is possible!   


For further information, contact the Transforming Lives team on: 

Phone: 0141 641 5236

Email: TransformingLives@healthynhappy.org.uk

For updates to our programme, please visit our events page here.